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Spirit Fitness: XT385-v2

  • Running Area: 56 cm x 152 cm
  • Max Speed: 20 kph
  • Perfect For: Those who want high-end quality, but still foldable
  • Known For: Engineered cushioning, Full Size, Connects to ZWIFT etc



Matrix: TF30 XIR

  • Running Area: 51 cm x 140 cm
  • Max Speed: 20 kph
  • Perfect For: Those who want the Matrix brand, along with all the Bells & Whistles
  • Known For: 16″ Touchscreen App Interface: Netflix, Youtube, Virtual Active Programs etc




EdgeFit Elite TFT

  • Running Area: 59 cm x 155 cm
  • Max Speed: 20 kph
  • Perfect For: Commercial environments & those who want to bring the gym into their home
  • Known For: Largest Running area, 21 Degree Incline, Touch Screen Media Interface, Commercial Grade



Spirit Fitness: XBU55-V2

The Spirit XBU55 is our personal pick. Coming from the medical background, Spirit has concentrated on it’s ergonomics, which is shown in its uprighted seating position, perfect handlebar position, and the inward camber on the pedals – saving the pressure on the inside of your knees.



Matrix: Endurance LED

The Matrix Endurance Upright is the model use din most Health Clubs throughout the world.  Full Club-Grade quality, Self-Generating power, Simple Console, and ergonomic handlebars make this machine an absolute dream to use!



Pure Design: AB10-PRO Air Bike

A 560mm grey super steel fan, a rib belt drive system, and an 28mm Axle work together in the Pure Design AB10 Commercial Air Bike to give you an intensive workout experience right at home.



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